Regression and More in Excel and SPSS

As mentioned last week, I still have my gears shifted for the rest of the academic semester.  Instead of Statistical Bullshit posts, I’m making guides for statistical analyses in Excel and SPSS on  This week, I added three guides.  One on regression in ExcelOne on regression in SPSSAnd one on partial correlation in SPSS.  The links can also be found below:

Regression in Excel

Regression in SPSS

Partial Correlation in SPSS

As always, feel free to email me at if you have any questions, comments, stories, or requests for guides!

Excel and SPSS Help!

It is becoming that time of the semester where my classes are more time-consuming than I expect.  For that reason, I am shifting gears (slightly), and I am going to focus more on developing statistical guides for Excel and SPSS on  Fortunately, I already have a few guides made.  So, if you need help with calculating statistics in Excel and SPSS…

Click here for the Excel help page.

And click here for the SPSS help page.

As always, if you have any questions, comments, stories, or anything else, feel free to contact me a  I always have time to write about Statistical Bullshit stories, even if I am focused on creating statistical guides!

Excel Statistics Help

Excel HelpSorry, but there is no Statistical Bullshit this week!  No, the world did not run out of it – trust me, there is still plenty.  Instead, I’ve been developing a section of another one of my websites:  The Statistics Help Page of my academic website has been getting lengthier and (fortunately) more popular.  One of the most common requests that I receive is for guides on calculating statistics in Excel.  This is understandable.  Other stats programs can be expensive, whereas most everyone has access to Excel in their workplace or home.  So, I’ve been spending time writing short guides on my Excel Statistics Help Page.

A primary method to avoid Statistical Bullshit is to understand statistics yourself.  If you are unsure about calculating statistics in Excel, be sure to check out this page.  I’ll be updating it regularly throughout the current academic semester.  So, if you need a guide on a certain topic, let me know by emailing  I’d be happy to create a guide sooner rather than later!